Partners: Treadstone Mortgage Celebrated Real Estate in Grand Rapids with Artprize Exhibit

October 15th, 2014 by Katie K Team
Holly Degan, Kari Radermacher, Matt Muscat and Megan Howard of Treadstone Funding teamed up to create a community tribute to Grand Rapids Real Estate.

Holly Degan, Kari Radermacher, Matt Muscat and Megan Howard of Treadstone Funding teamed up to create a community tribute to Grand Rapids Real Estate this year.

The Katie-K team relies on it’s closest partners in the Grand Rapids real estate industry to ensure smooth, timely transactions for home buyers and sellers. One outstanding partner, Treadstone Funding, created a beautiful Art Prize collage featuring its clients, partner agents, and homes they’ve financed through the greater Grand Rapids area. Kudos to Team Treadstone for one of my personal favorites of Art Prize this year!

Nothing says “local lender” like a 16-foot mural featuring Grand Rapidians who’ve purchased homes with the help of Treadstone Funding. In its quest to think outside the bank, Treadstone’s marketing crew teamed up with local real estate agents and client purchasers this year to create a mosaic of more than 500 submitted images for Art Prize. The feat involved nine months of planning, untold hours of platform time, and the mad photoshopping skills of Holly Degan, Treadstone’s graphics guru.

“I love photography and I love people,” Degan said. “It was fun to see what people would send, and then to make it all work together.”

Degan decided the collage needed a motif that readily identified Grand Rapids, and chose an overlay of the Calder to achieve the effect.

For marketing director Matt Muscat, the exhibit is part of Treadstone’s growing presence in Art Prize and in the community. The company established a marketing department three years prior to assist with internal projects, but also to help local agents build their respective businesses. Since the inception of the marketing department, Treadstone has hosted guest artists. For 2014, the team thought it would be fun to involve its client community and put its artistic prowess to work.

“It’s amazing how excited everyone has been about it. It was great to see our clients engage with the project and interact,” Muscat said.

In addition to the exhibit, Treadstone hosted an ever-expanding Art Prize party for hundreds of its closest associates. Branding manager Megan Howard brings her event planning savvy to service each year to create an Art Prize party piece de resistance. Her first year was a three-week trial-by-fire, but the former events manager and private concierge was undaunted. The networking success and popularity of the event inspired the company to continue to outdo itself.

“It turned into this amazing thing. Real estate agents are used to working together via emails and phone calls and this gives them a chance to network in person.”

The Art Prize party has evolved into one of the festival’s larger celebrations, featuring ice carvers, local brewers, fan favorite BBQ-meister Matt Smith from Pitstop Catering, and a musical lineup that included Chicago’s Bluewater Kings.

For Howard, it’s all in a day’s work. “Art Prize is great for Grand Rapids. We’re invested this community, and our business continues to grow. We celebrated Art Prize to thank our partners and clients and to support a great community event.”

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Treadstone Funding has special teams trained and experienced in every major loan program including FHA mortgages, 203k renovation loans, Zero down mortgage options, Rural Development home financing, veteran home loans,  Conventional Mortgages, refinancing, and even debt consolidation. Treadstone is best known for its ability to streamline the purchase process for buyers using the FHA 203k Renovation mortgage program. You can fix up the home you’re buying with up to $30,000 and have the work done before you even move in. It is for these reasons that the name “Treadstone” has become synonymous with great mortgage service throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Visit Treadstone Funding to learn more about this local mortgage partner.


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