Living the Good Life in Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 14th, 2008 by Katie K Team

Whether you’re relocating to the Grand Rapids – West Michigan area, or you’re a longtime resident, there’s no time like the present to enjoy the good life this vibrant community has to offer.

Our robust inventory of executive homes offers prospective buyers an unparalleled selection at outstanding prices. Contemporary and classic beauties on tree-lined streets abound this spring in fabulous neighborhoods and school districts such as East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills.

With the national housing market soft, it’s true that it’s a buyer’s market. But through excellent marketing techniques, the Katie-K Team can help sellers make their homes stand out from the crowd for an optimum return. So there’s no time like the present to trade up!

The economic outlook for Grand Rapids remains stronger than other areas of the state and country that are suffering slow-downs.
Named one of Fortune Magazine’s 10 Best cities for Business, Grand Rapids is a diversified market consisting of healthcare, manufacturing, service and retail. The expansion and growth of the Medical community is putting Grand Rapids on the map and bringing the most brilliant leaders in their fields to the city.

If you’re thinking about making a move up this spring, don’t let the economic pundits discourage you. Fantastic opportunities await.

Here are a few tips fellow real estate guru Barbara Corcoran suggests for determining what the good life looks like for you:

1. Make a short list of the three things most important to you: Is it the school system? Is it the space? Or is it the commute?

2. You need to understand that you can’t get everything you want, but you can always get the three things that are most important to you. If you want a shorter commute you may get a smaller house. But if you buy a smaller house, you’ll pay lower taxes. If a great neighborhood is your top priority, you’ll automatically get a great school system and that’s great if you have kids.

3. Values are always personal, and it’s no different with house buying. It’s all out there. You’ve got to be clear about what’s most important to you.

Contact me to take advantage of this market and start living your personalized “good life” in Grand Rapids, MI.


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