New Keller Williams Office in Traverse City

November 23rd, 2009 by Katie K Team

Local Greenridge Realty Offices to Become Part of Keller Williams Franchise

Two years after expanding into the Traverse City region, Grand Rapids-based Greenridge Realty—the exclusive operating agency for Grand Traverse Resort properties—will disappear from the area on December 21.

Doug Meteyer, broker and owner of the local Greenridge offices located at the Grand Traverse Resort and at 534 Front St. in Traverse City, plans to sign a license agreement with Keller Williams Realty International. Keller Williams is the third largest real estate franchise in the United States.

Not only will Meteyer retain both offices and all current agents but also, he says, “the [Keller Williams] business model calls for us to double in size in the first six months.”

What prompted the switch? Two things: First, Greenridge began closing and consolidating its offices around the state last spring in an effort to stabilize its budget. Second, says Meteyer, “I have always looked at the conventional business model of how real estate operates and have never been thrilled. When I started looking into Keller Williams, everywhere I thought there was a gap in the traditional model, they had a solution.”

A lean model that offers profit sharing with its agents and encourages them to work remotely to reduce overhead and an agent’s cost of doing business, Keller Williams is a debt-free company that is prompting a “paradigm shift” in the real estate industry, says Meteyer.

As part of the Keller Williams franchise, the Meteyer’s outfit will continue to be the exclusive operating agency for the Grand Traverse Resort. J. Michael DeAgostino, Public Relations Manager for Grand Traverse Resort & Spa is enthusiastic about the news. “It’s a very tough market out there right now, so anything Doug can do to make it better as far as representing and selling—we’re in favor.”

Article courtesy of The Traverse City Business News, Copyright © 2009


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