Pricing Your Home to Sell in the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market of Today

September 10th, 2009 by Katie K Team

Are we heading back to basics?  You bet and what could be wrong with that?  A whole new set of rules has emerged out of the ashes of the mortgage meltdown.  Stated income, subprime mortgages, drive-by appraisals are out of vogue!    The Greatest Generation, so eloquently authored by Tom Brokaw about the sacrifice of the World War II generation said it all.  The standard for living within your means was set by them. Twenty-percent down, 30 years mortgages, paying it down and living the dream.   The pendulum swings between buyer/seller for leverage of negotiating the best deal. Today, it is in the buyer’s court.   If you want to sell, then you have to not only be on the market but in the market.  And that means being priced at or below the market conditions to create value.  In the absence of value, money will always be an issue!   Create the sense of urgency for those buyers to feel a value proposition and you just might end up with a full price offer and/or a bidding situation.   And what you give up on one end, you will benefit on the other!  Not only from a purchase price but a base for your taxes too!


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